A Beautiful Reminder

I was looking through some older posts from another blog attempt of mine and I came across this little piece of gold. Some photographs i had taken and a poem i wrote to go along with them.

We have had some horrendous weather here in the South lately and I am reminded of God's provision in our lives and how it doesn't always look like rainbows. In God's mercy, He allows us to weather storms so that we may come out on the other side changed, cleansed and ready for new growth. A rainy day with Him is 1,000 times better than a sunny day without Him.

My heart and prayers go out to the families and areas affected by the tornadoes.

What was once dry and wanting
Rejoices in the sky's bountiful gift

What was once hidden by dust and weeds
Graciously accepts nature's cleansing shower

What was once aching for life
Stretches out under God's nurturing hand

The empty are filled
The dirty are cleansed
The needy are not left wanting

A beautiful reminder
From a late summer rain