Exit Please

Over the holidays my husband, Chris, and I watched a few movies while lounging around our house. One in particular, Exit Through the Gift Shop, was worth sharing. Loved it

It was kind of a documentary inside a documentary. The majority of the footage was taken by a nutty, obsession-driven Frenchman, but it was pieced together by the infamous street artist Banksy (I added some of his works below for your viewing pleasure). I'm not sure yet who was more interesting, The Frenchman or the Artist... or are they one in the same (there has been speculation)??

Anyway, it was a very interesting, raw look into the culture and movement of street art. I would suggest it to anyone who loved documentaries or art.... or good movies. It makes me want to go out and be creative.

From the little that i know about Banksy, he is known for his suggestive and political urban street art (graffiti) and his ability to sneak his own paintings into museums and hang them on the wall. The fact that no one really knows who Banksy is only perpetuates the fascination people have with him (including me).